25kg / bag (woven bag lined with polyethylene plastic film).Note that during storage, moisture, sun, water, try to avoid the packaging is damaged, so as not to affect the adsorption effect.



Specification For Hard Wood Charcoal
High heating value
Energy saving and environmental protection
Low ash content
Raw material: Orange Wood
Shape: Quadrilateral and Hexagon
Burning time: 3-5 hours
Length: 10-30cm
Diameter: 3.8-4.2cm
Fixed carbon content: Above 95%
Water content: Below 4%
Calorific value: Above 8000(cal/kg)
Carbonization Temperature: 800 ° C
Ash content: 4%
Moisture: 4%-5%
Package: 10kg/carton
Box Package: According customers requirement
One Box Charcoal Weight: 10Kg


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