Feature Of Steel euro pallet:

1,stackable,cleanable,durable and splinter free.

2,two way or four way

3,fire proof,moisture and liquid proof.

4,repairable and low maintenance.

5,custom design is avaiable.


Due to good bearing capacity, low cost,custom size,durability features of plywood wood pallet,They are widely used in automobile industry, logistics ,factories, etc. According to international standards, Plywood pallets are phytosanitary free, so they are able to ship to any countries

Pallet can come in different structures ,which could be chosen based on forklift characteristics and load-bearing requirements.Different structures of the pallet directly affect the efficiency.

Pallet for material untilized storage is important tool,widely used in machinery,automobile,food,electrical appliance and other industries.it is light weight,suitable for use in all kinds of factories,distribution centers.

The size table of steel four way entry flat pallet:

Model Size Capacity
length width height legs height
NSP201 1000 800 160 120 500-2000
NSP202 1000 1000 160 120 500-2000
NSP203 1200 800 160 120 500-2000
NSP204 1200 1000 160 120 500-2000



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