1.Urea is a high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer, is a neutral organic fertilizer,also can be used in the production of a variety of compound fertilizer.

2.Urea is the raw material to produce (AdBlue / DEF ), which is a kind of liquid for reducing nitrogen oxide pollution in diesel vehicle emission.

3.Urea can be a lot of as melamine, urea formaldehyde resin, hydrazine hydrate,tetracycline, phthalein, monosodium glutamate and other products the production of raw materials.

4.For steel, stainless steel chemical polishing has whitening effect, used as a corrosion inhibitor in the metal pickling, also used in the preparation of the palladium activation fluid.



urea N46% fertilizer:

I.What is Urea?

Urea is one kind of neutral fertilizer, which can be used in long time withou any harmful material in soil. Usually it can be used both for base and top dressing fertilizer in agriculture.
urea : Can be used in agriculture and producing BB fertilizer.

II: Specification :

Nitrogen 46.0%Min
Biuret 1.0%Max
Moisture 0.5%Max
Particle Size 0.85-2.80mm 90%Min
Physical properties White, hygroscopic crystal prilled.

Free flowing and free from harmful substances.

Soluble in water and in liquid ammonia.

Packing 50kg /Woven bag
Nitrogen 46%min
Moisture 1%max
Biuret 1%max
Prilled 0.85-2mm
Granular 2-4mm 90-94%min
color Pure White
Radiation Non-Radiactive
Free Ammonia 160pxt ppm max


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